16 July 16:00-16:45 BST

Closing Ceremony

The very last hour we spend together will be to see the Closing Ceremony. We will show highlights of the week as well as hear goodbye from outgoing ISI President John Bailer and future plans from incoming ISI President Stephen Penneck.

As is tradition at the ISI WSC, we will extend our invitation to members and delegates to join us at the next ISI WSC. Make sure to not only see what the city of Ottawa is all about but also hear from the Chief Statistician of Canada Mr. Anil Arora who has a special message for us. Last but not least, ISI Director Ada van Krimpen will say a few words. You know Ada from her Director's Columns

Whatever you do after the Closing Ceremony, make sure to mark your calendars for the ISI WSC in Ottawa from 15-20 July 2023!