15 July 14:30-16:00 BST


What is IPUMS? The IPUMS collection of databases at the University of Minnesota comprise the world's largest repository of census and survey microdata. IPUMS standardizes the data and harmonized variables to make research faster and simpler. In addition, IPUMS adds value to the data by constructing family interrelationship (pointer) variables, creating corresponding geographic shapefiles, and building crosswalks between data sources. Extensive documentation aids researchers in interpreting the data; documentation includes enumerator forms in the original language as well as the English versions, codebooks, etc. These databases are free-of-charge to use, and are open to researchers, policymakers, and students.

Join us for this IPUMS Workshop to learn about five IPUMS collections that are particularly global-facing: IPUMS DHS, IPUMS International, IPUMS TimeUse, IPUMS Performance Monitoring for Action (PMA), and IPUMS International Historical Geographic Information System (IHGIS). Hear directly from project managers how to become a user, how to navigate the basic features to find data, learn about the functions of the IPUMS data access system, and discover how to create you own custom microdata extract. If you are already an IPUMS user, this is an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn even more about the available data and additional features.
Want to join the IPUMS Workshop? All WSC 2021 delegates are welcome and registration is open now. Please note that this workshop will be recorded, so if you really are not able to join live, you will be able to view the recording.