10 July 12:20-14:20 BST

We start the WSC with a special event for the ISI's younger statisticians! All WSC delegates are invited to attend. You do not have to be an ISI/Associations' member. What will we do in these two hours? The ISI Young Statisticians' Committee is working to promote collaboration and networking among the young statisticians of the ISI and the wider statistical community, as well as learn from the experience and work of our more prominent statisticians. Our guest speaker for this event is ISI President-Elect Stephen Penneck, who had a succesful career at the Office for National Statistics in the UK.

YS Faces


The programme for the event:

12:20-13:00: Breakout Sessions (participants can switch between the breakout rooms to discuss and to network)

Session 1: Data Science Group

Session 2: Women in Statistics Group

Session 3: Official Statistics Group

Session 4: Survey Statistics Group

Session 5: Computational Statistics Group

Session 6: Statistics in Education Group

Session 7: Statistics in Biology Group

Session 8: Environment Statistics Group

13:00-13:10: Welcome Remarks and Introduction of our Guest of Honour

13:10-13:30: Small Talk and Interview with the Guest Speaker Stephen Penneck

13:30-14:00: Open Forum

14:00-14:20: Closing

Want to join this event? Registration will be possible on the WSC 2021 virtual platform that opens on 5 July and registration closes two hours before the event. Please note that this event will be recorded, so if you really are not able to join live, you will be able to view the recording of the main parts of this event.

About the ISI Young Statisticians Committee (established in 2010): The YS-ISI is devoted to provide a networking forum for students, post-docs, young researchers and professionals in all fields of statistics, to discuss and share ideas and research with the statistical community at large. The YS-ISI exists to bring together young career statisticians around the world and to help support their career development and enjoyment. Everyone interested in statistics is welcome to join the Committee, particularly if you are a student or graduated in the last ten years and work in a statistics related area.