1. Will registration fees be waived for invited speakers? Do I have to be a member of the ISI or one of its Associations?
    All speakers have to pay registration fees. You do not have to have an active membership in the ISI and its Associations; however, we have reduced rates for our members. Please also see questions and answers 1 and 2 above.
  2. Where can I find information on the scientific programme and guidelines for session organisers?
    The most recent information on the scientific programme/congress schedule is available on the website. Guidelines for contributed papers/posters are available.
  3. If my abstract is selected, how will I make my presentation?
    Once you are selected as a speaker in the virtual WSC 2021, you will receive instructions on how to prepare your presentation in May. Most presentations will be pre-recorded and some will be live. You will have support from us for making your presentation in either format, also during the event.
  4. I am a session organiser and need to make changes to the description or speakers/discussants in my session (speakers and titles of talks) but cannot gain access.
    The systems for the session proposals and the abstract/paper submissions are now closed. 
  5. I forgot my password, what should I do?
    The ‘reset password’ function works for both systems. If you have an account and press password reset, you will receive an e-mail. Check your spam folder for this e-mail or ask your IT administrator to put e-mails from EventsAIR on the safe list.
  6. I have submitted a proposal for a 90 minute session but have been allocated a 60 minute session. With three speakers and a discussant I need a 90 minute session, can my request be granted?
    All 90 minute slots have been allocated and none are available. Try to arrange the session within the format and time allotted to it.
  7. I am a session organiser and would like to have access to the abstracts and papers submitted by the speaker in the session I organised. How do I get access?
    Currently it is not possible for you to have direct access. Please ask your speakers your send you the abstracts/papers directly.
  8. Where can I upload my abstract and paper?
    The deadline has passed and the system is now closed.
  9. I have a question about my registration for the congress (need invoice, need change, need cancellation, etc). What should I do?
    For any questions about registration, please contact events@Worldspan.co.uk.
  10. What is the deadline for the recording of my presentation?
    Every speaker will be approached by Worldspan with instructions for the recording of their talk and the deadline for submitting the recording, which is 23 June 2021.
  11. I am a speaker in a live session. Do I have to submit a recorded talk?
    We ask speakers to prepare a pre-recorded talk. In cases where the Internet connection is down or power supply issues during the live session, your pre-recorded talk will be played.
  12. When will the platform become available for delegates?
    The online platform will become available on 5 July before the WSC. You will receive your login details from Worldspan.
  13. When will the live session recordings be available for on-demand viewing?
    The recordings should be available the next day and by Monday 19 July at the latest.
  14. How long can I view the recordings of the sessions and events?
    The recording will remain available for delegates for 30 days after the WSC.
  15. Can I place the recording of the session on my own platform?
    You can place the recording of your presentation on your own platform. However, the recording of the session, including Q&A and chats, is not allowed.
  16. Which IPR (copyright) provisions apply to my contributions?
    The copyright for the abstracts and papers in the proceedings resides jointly with the authors and the ISI. Authors are free to publish expanded versions of the material elsewhere.
    All content remains the property of the author(s)  Reproduction and distribution of the presentations without written permission of the author(s) is prohibited. © 2021. All rights reserved.
  17. What about Copyright of my recording?
    - You retain the Copyright of your work and recording at all times
    - This will be clear on all session pages on the platform
    - If you wish, you may include a Copyright statement at the beginning of your recording/presentation.